What’s all the Hoopla about Gideon?

by Kay Mortimer

  As a charter attendee of the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival, I have a personal affinity about Gideon.  Perhaps you don’t.  Perhaps you wonder what is so special about Gideon?  Well, let’s see.

            The Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival provides the East Coast with professional, Christian media-arts instruction and networking.  People at all levels of involvement in the arena of media arts’ ministry come together, from the skilled professional to the awe-inspired wannabe.  All are welcome and encouraged to move forward and progress.

            Gideon enables “common folk” with a desire to use their God-given talents in visual arts, filmmaking, scriptwriting, acting, singing, songwriting, sound engineering, producing, and similar ministries a venue to talk one-on-one with professionals, editors, and producers who can guide them toward their goals.

            Everyone at Gideon is excited about using their talents for God’s glory.  Everyone is helpful and friendly to everyone else.

            If you long to fulfill your God-given calling in a visual arts or media arts area of ministry, Gideon is the place for you.  Topnotch faculty.  Friendly volunteers. Fellowship with like-minded Christian brothers and sisters.  This is the “hoopla” about Gideon!

Come and experience the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival for yourself.  You might find yourself coming back year after year after year – like so many of us have!  See you in Orlando in July.

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